I’m building an empire, I’m on the journey. I’m sharing the journey and digging into the empire building stories of those who have made a business out of their personal brand. We talk to entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, authors, coaches and technical experts to help you, inspire you and guide you on your business building journey.
Don’t expect the same interviews you’ve heard before. we explore the business journey, the PERSONAL journey and the tactics like podcasting, mindset and personal branding, that get your empire built faster.
You can build an empire by design – let’s do it together.


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040 – #Lady Boss Chats – Chatting Planning with Elle Roberts

Today I am co-launching a new collaboration with my biz bestie, work wife & soul sister, Elle Roberts!

Elle is a creative business coach from Townsville & we met online (much less creepy than it sounds!), formed a mastermind together & have been doing little collaborations together for the last 6 months.



039 – Build Your Biz 90 Days at a Time: My Quarterly Plan {Podcast}

Today on the podcast I’m introducing you to my quarterly planner! I know, I know, you’ve been getting emails and Facebook posts about planning for weeks now haven’t you? Bear with me – this planner geek has a super useful, easy tool to help turn your goals into focused action, 90 days at a time!


038 – Build A Health Coaching Business {Podcast}

Amanda Jane Daley is a business mentor for health coaches and I’ve been aware of her since early in my own health coach studies journey, as she seems to be the “aspirational” or most premium business coach for health coaches. Her lead product is a premium-priced mastermind which is a group training program for health coaches to learn the tools to build their business.