075 – 3 Yrs & 10k Downloads/Week: Lessons from Natalie Eckdahl host of Biz Chix podcast

I was absolutely dancing-around-the-living-room chuffed and honoured to sit in the hosting chair of one of my FAVOURITE podcasts, the Biz Chix podcast, to interview host Natalie Eckdahl on her 3 year podcast anniversary. We dig into her biz and podcast journey – and it’s an epic journey to six figures and being recognised as Inc.com’s top 5 women podcasters for female entrepreneurs. Settle in!

073 – How to Shift Your Message – with Merry Maker Sisters Emma and Carla Papas

I’m so excited to be catching up with the Merrymaker Sisters again in this episode. I first spoke to Emma and Carla when they where building a blog and sharing paleo recipes and I was starting my podcast. It’s been two years of full-time merrymaking for the girls & big changes in my biz too and I’m thrilled to be able to share their epic journey with you.

064 – Trust Your Intuition for Business Success – with Holly Worton

On this week’s episode, I chat with business mindset alchemist, Holly Worton.   In 2009 Holly left a highly successful business running a group of eco hotels in Mexico to become a life coach. This was when all her “stuff” came up.   Trying to grow her business while remaining invisible made for a long…

062 – How to Sell Something People Don’t Want Until it’s Too Late – with Wellness Coach Angela Counsel

On this episode I catch up with the inspirational wellness coach and podcasting entrepreneur Angela Counsel. Angela’s journey in business has NOT been an easy one and we chat about the importance of keeping it real and true. Angela is an incredibly popular wellness coach and her presence is phenomenal. She is not your typical podcaster and that is what makes this chat so exciting.

061 – 5 Content Creation Tips for Epic Content from Darren Rowse, Sean D’Souza, Jordan Harbinger and other famous podcasters

Recently I was fortunate to attend the only two podcasting conferences in Australia – OzPod and We Are Podcast. In today’s episode I am sharing 5 takeaways from some epic content creators on how to create epic content, over and over again

060 – Amy Porterfield – From a business you hate to an empire you love

On this episode I catch up with Amy Porterfield, my most epic business crush to date! If you don’t know Amy, you’re living under a rock that doesn’t have internet. No seriously, if you don’t know her, she’s a goddess of online marketing, host of the EXCELLENT top-rated Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast.   We…

057 – The power of the podcast with Ronsley Vaz

On this episode I catch up with the Host of Australia’s #1 Food & Entrepreneurship Podcast – Ronsley Vaz. We chat about his journey and the power of podcasting. We discuss the true art of podcasting and learn that romancing the concept is only the beginning – the true art is within us. Ronsley provides us with some valuable and proven insights.

055 – Let it Out – Journalling to Wellness with Katie Dalebout

Today I caught up with a wellness entrepreneur who is doing some cool stuff online, Katie Dalebout. Katie has a podcast called Let it Out which used to be called Wellness Wonderland. She started her podcast off the back of a successful blog where she talks about her own wellness journey after dealing with eating…

052 – Become unemployable – with Shannon Bush

Wonderful podcasters are joining us everyday, and Shannon Bush is one of those lovely people. I got to connect with her at artful and I’m thrilled to introduce you to her. You’re going to get business tips from someone who’s been in business over seven years! Shannon is a killer networker online and offline, sharing her voice as a strong example of female leadership.

Shannon’s been on an incredible journey transitioning from a career in health to traveling the world to studying business and serving a decade in the corporate world, until finally deciding to become unemployable.

She shares with us her path into entrepreneurship, networking tips, and female leadership model