065 – Focus: Empire Building Essentials (Solo)


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Hey empire builders, happy December, happy summer if you’re in Australia and winter for our Northern Hemishphere friends and happy festive season! I totally love Christmas and I kind of have an addiction to fruit mince pies. There i said it. 
But in this episode,  this is the first in a mini solo series i am doing about the EMPIRE BUILDING ESSENTIALS. It’s one thing to say we want an empire, it’s another to know what we need to DO to build one. And so we’re kicking off with FOCUS, a key pillar or foundational skill that is a MUST on the empire building journey. So I’m going to show you why you need it, how to get it and the pitfalls to avoid that will kill it.

064 – Trust Your Intuition for Business Success – with Holly Worton

On this week’s episode, I chat with business mindset alchemist, Holly Worton.   In 2009 Holly left a highly successful business running a group of eco hotels in Mexico to become a life coach. This was when all her “stuff” came up.   Trying to grow her business while remaining invisible made for a long…

063 – How to Pitch a Podcast (Solo)

Podcasting is an incredible way to grow your influence and deepen the relationship you’re building with your target market. But it’s not about just getting on to any old podcast.


Today I’m talking about how to fine tune your pitch and get you booked on the right podcasts.

062 – How to Sell Something People Don’t Want Until it’s Too Late – with Wellness Coach Angela Counsel

On this episode I catch up with the inspirational wellness coach and podcasting entrepreneur Angela Counsel. Angela’s journey in business has NOT been an easy one and we chat about the importance of keeping it real and true. Angela is an incredibly popular wellness coach and her presence is phenomenal. She is not your typical podcaster and that is what makes this chat so exciting.

061 – 5 Content Creation Tips for Epic Content from Darren Rowse, Sean D’Souza, Jordan Harbinger and other famous podcasters

Recently I was fortunate to attend the only two podcasting conferences in Australia – OzPod and We Are Podcast. In today’s episode I am sharing 5 takeaways from some epic content creators on how to create epic content, over and over again

060 – Amy Porterfield – From a business you hate to an empire you love

On this episode I catch up with Amy Porterfield, my most epic business crush to date! If you don’t know Amy, you’re living under a rock that doesn’t have internet. No seriously, if you don’t know her, she’s a goddess of online marketing, host of the EXCELLENT top-rated Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast.   We…

059 – Build an empire off a single product – with Matcha Maiden’s Sarah Holloway

On this episode I catch up with the gorgeous girl behind Matcha Maiden tea brand Sarah Holloway. We chat about her “accidental” journey into the world of business and the importance of social media – particularly her delicious Instagram – in growing her thriving business. For the average entrepreneur,there is usually ambitions that assimilate to operating or even starting your own business, for Sarah the journey began quite differently and has become much more than she ever expected

058 – Million Dollar Subscription Box Secrets with Peta Shulman of Goodness Me Box

Today on the podcast I welcomed Peta Shulman, young and thriving entrepreneur behind the success of the Goodness Me Box, a healthy sampling subscription box business. Reaching a million dollars revenue in its first year, this girl and her boxes are on the rise!

057 – The power of the podcast with Ronsley Vaz

On this episode I catch up with the Host of Australia’s #1 Food & Entrepreneurship Podcast – Ronsley Vaz. We chat about his journey and the power of podcasting. We discuss the true art of podcasting and learn that romancing the concept is only the beginning – the true art is within us. Ronsley provides us with some valuable and proven insights.

056 – Katie Asks Are You Playing Small?

I’ve been thinking a lot about how we uplevel and play bigger in our life and business. And I’ve realized it’s not easy! It’s that magical combination of purpose, action and mindset. I’ve observed myself and my clients and colleagues doing things that keep them stuck in the status quo, aka playing small, and so…