082 – Why customer avatars are all wrong & what you should do instead

In this episode I’m sharing a framework called Jobs-to-be-done. It’s a framework or methodology that has become key to innovation in products and services. It goes beyond what we THINK we know about our customers needs and wants and uses observation and analysis to understand what JOBS people hire products and services to do for…

081 – Live Coaching Call – Business Models and Funnels with Claire Barton

Back by popular demand is another live coaching call. Today we’re talking to the gorgeous Productivity Guru Claire Barton, a productivity coach, FB facilitator and podcaster at The Recovering Perfectionist.   Claire and I talk about: how to know if and when you need to start a second podcast! how to look at your entire…

080 – 080: Live Coaching Call – Turning Your Audience into Buyers – with Creativity Coach Lisa Murray

It’s a new live coaching call on the show this week!

My guest is Lisa Murray of creativitylab.tv and also the podcast host at The Adventurous Creator podcast. I’ve known Lisa online since the early days of my business – in fact, I worked with her on her podcast strategy before she launched and that feels like so long ago. But I remember even now how interesting and magnetic and unique she is, so I was delighted when she reached out to come and share her current business challenge on the show today.

079 – 3 Tips to Grow Your Audience {Solo}

In this episode I’m rolling solo and talking to you about 3 key tips for growing your podcast audience! This is a little teaser or preview from the #yearofgrowth challenge we are doing in the Podcast Empire membership community – working together over 11 months to implement consistent strategy and growth tactics to explode our…

077 – Live Coaching Call – with Yoga Teacher Stephanie Cunningham

I am super excited to share my first ever live coaching call on the podcast! Meet Stephanie Cunningham, a yoga teacher for seniors who is preparing to launch her show. I coach her on the podcast strategy, how it helps grow her business and what she can do to launch with a bang!

075 – 3 Yrs & 10k Downloads/Week: Lessons from Natalie Eckdahl host of Biz Chix podcast

I was absolutely dancing-around-the-living-room chuffed and honoured to sit in the hosting chair of one of my FAVOURITE podcasts, the Biz Chix podcast, to interview host Natalie Eckdahl on her 3 year podcast anniversary. We dig into her biz and podcast journey – and it’s an epic journey to six figures and being recognised as Inc.com’s top 5 women podcasters for female entrepreneurs. Settle in!

074 – Why you? Why now? (Solo)

Warning Empire Builders, shiz gonna get REAL today. I don’t know what happened but over the long weekend in January I took a walk on the beach and I don’t know about you, but the beach makes me so much more grounded and connected to the woo woo, vulnerable side of me.


So… what i wanted to do was share a bit of the story of why I started podcasting. I share this story a lot, but I share the edited version, and I wanted to give you the real behind the scenes look at my failings, flaws and fears.


I mean I’ve talked on the podcast before – particularly episode 37 – about what I’ve learned from podcasting but that’s the business stuff. And you know I love the business stuff.


If you love the business stuff, you should also check out my interview with Ronsley Vaz, founder of We Are Podcast in episode 57 about podcasting, and episode 61 where i share a whole lot of awesome content creation tips from We Are Podcast 2016.


But this episode is NOT one of those.


Because I’m on the beach it’s also a little bit windy at times, but I’ve listened back and the audio is not atrocious, so bear with me.


For now, let’s answer the questions WHY YOU? WHY NOW?