016 – Startup with Style – You are your brand with Health Coach Sharon Selby

I have been so excited to share with you this mini-podcast series of episodes I lovingly call ‘Start-up with Style’. Candid interviews with wellness entrepreneurs who are in their start-up phase and are telling their start-up story as it happens. We rarely get to hear these stories – it’s usually successful entrepreneurs looking back through biased glasses at their early days of business. So, enjoy the generosity and honesty with which my guests open up!

Get Started on Periscope

There’s a new kid on the social media block, called Periscope, owned by Twitter. It’s a live streaming app, which at first glance may seem at best nothing new, at worst stupid. But before you declare it not on your list, I’d encourage you to consider how you might use it to connect uniquely and authentically to your community.

015 – Build a wildly successful superfood business and pitch on national TV for investment (and get it) with Kate Johansson of Koja Foods

Kate Johansson founded superfood company Koja out of her personal passion for wellness and whole foods – and a desire to get real foods back on the menu for Australian consumers. You may have seen her on Australia’s Shark Tank in 2015 and that bubbly personality comes shining through on the podcast today. Kate shares with absolute honesty her journey to starting Koja as a solopreneur – she shares her process, her successes and her failures. Kate’s interview today is a masterclass in persistence and momentum – you will get some of the best advice and inspiration for starting a wellness business today!

July Transitions : Reset Your Goals for 2015

In my Sunday yoga class, my teacher Sam talked about this time of year – end of financial year, mid winter in the southern hemisphere – as being a time of stress and anxiety and contraction, and began to talk about it in the context of being a transitional period of time, helping us to move and relax and breathe into it. It was beautiful and although it gave me a moment of stress about looming tax time, it also made me think about this time of transition in all of our wellness businesses. For all of us, it’s a transition from the first half of the year into the second. There may be many other significant transitions going on for you in your business. What i love about periods of transition is that it implies a change going on – whether internal or external. And it holds the promise and potential of the new phase, as well as the reflection and learning of the old.

Guest Post: The Value of Having a Mentor

By Belinda Jacobson, Editor, Parties, Pearls and Being Precious


I’m an ambitious person. Anyone who knows me will confirm that, and I make no apologies for it. I’m determined and driven, and I don’t let obstacles get in the way of getting where I want to be.


Having said that – I don’t always figure our the best way around those obstacles on my own.


In the very early stages of my career, I tried to solve the world’s problems on my own. Which worked up to a point. There came a time when I found myself asking someone more experienced than I how they would handle the situation I was in. I may not have always acted on their advice, but in some shape or form, the advice they gave me shaped my eventual course of action.


Fast forward 10 years and numerous promotions later and I now understand that what I was doing without realising it, was using a mentor.