3 Steps to Podcasting for Business Growth

If you want to podcast as part of building your business, then you need to create a podcast that supports your business strategy. It’s fine to podcast for fun or to share your hobbies or cause you’re in love with the idea of creating your own radio show – but if you want a direct correlation between your podcast and your business, you definitely need a strategy for your podcast that is totally aligned to your business strategy.

050 – Katie on Consistency + Episode 50!

It’s episode 50 and so I decided to talk about my favourite topic, the only silver bullet in business, consistency! I am sharing with you, retelling my Artful Business Conference keynote where I riff on consistency, tell a few stories and break down the 4 elements that help us be more consistent:

  1. Restriction
  2. Structure
  3. Feedback
  4. Fun

049 – Make Friends with the Media – with Lisa Simone Richards

When you’re an entrepreneur in the health and wellness space, getting traditional media coverage can seem like a mammoth task. You don’t necessarily have deep pockets to pay a PR person. After our last episode with journo Rachael Jansen on why you don’t need traditional media, I’m excited to get the other side of the story and to chat with Lisa Simone Richards, principal of Vitality PR & Communications who is a specialist in PR for entrepreneurs in the health and wellness space. She gives us some of her best pointers for DIY PR, including strategies, metrics, preparation and much more.

25 Marketing Tactics That Don’t Include Facebook Groups

If you hang out where I hang out, it can sometimes feel like your entire marketing and business strategy exists only on Facebook and could disappear in a puff of Zuckerberg. But this week, I was challenged by a biz woman I love to identify 20 marketing strategies that DON’T involve Facebook Groups. And then I was inspired to pose the question in my own Facey Group – where did YOUR last 3 clients come from. Happily, only one of the many responses was Facebook 1,2 and 3. So here you go, if you feel like you’re caught in a Facey vacuum, settle in for some marketing inspo.

048 – Create Your Own Media – with Rachael Jansen

In this episode I catch up with journalist, coach, wellness advocate Rachael Jansen. I pick her brains about journalism and blogging and she shares her path from journalist to wellness advocate and business coach. You’ll get juicy info about finding your niche, the media, and putting your brave-pants on. A must listen episode for women wellness entrepreneurs.

045 – LBC – Get Your Business Mojo Back – with Elle Roberts

If you’ve been on the internet lately – hahaha. Who hasn’t? – you might have noticed this little trend going on about March. March madness. March after two lunar eclipses. Crazy March. Awful March. Entrepreneur death day March.

It was a strange one, that’s for sure. And as for me, I was on the other side of the globe from home feeding babies in the wee hours so yep, March was a bit cuckoo for me too.