Haters Gonna Hate, Stealers Gonna Steal

I was recently talking to a gorgeous wellness entrepreneur who was telling me a story about when some people stole and shared the content that was part of a paid online program she offers.


The worst thing – and the thing that inspired me to dig into this a little more on the blog – was that she admitted she may have adjusted her big vision and goals because of this incident.


And I know she is not alone. Putting so much of our content, expertise and ideas out in the world is scary. I have met many entrepreneurs along the way who worry about their ideas being stolen.


So let’s smash this one on the head, pronto, so you can get on with your beautiful creations. I even brought a lawyer to the table!

045 – LBC – Get Your Business Mojo Back – with Elle Roberts

If you’ve been on the internet lately – hahaha. Who hasn’t? – you might have noticed this little trend going on about March. March madness. March after two lunar eclipses. Crazy March. Awful March. Entrepreneur death day March.

It was a strange one, that’s for sure. And as for me, I was on the other side of the globe from home feeding babies in the wee hours so yep, March was a bit cuckoo for me too.

044 – Use Events to Grow Your Business with Wellineux

I caught up with Amanda and Maxine, two of the gals behind the amazing wellness collective Wellineux. They had some stellar things to say about being entrepreneurs in the wellness space, how to get the most out of the wellness space, and how to collaborate with others for best results.

043 – Start A Business Without Spending Money with Tash Corbin

I sat down with my business coach and new podcast intro voice talent,  the beautiful Tash Corbin to chat. We talk about business, creating lean start-ups, what connected leveraged income looks like. This is great for wellness entrepreneurs who are looking to start up or fall back in love with their businesses again.

042 – #LadyBossChats – Masterminds with Elle Roberts & I

Today is a new episode in my podcast collaboration with my biz bestie, work wife & soul sister, Elle Roberts!


Elle is a creative business coach from Townsville & we met online (much less creepy than it sounds!), formed a mastermind together & have been doing little collaborations together for the last 6 months.

041 – Money Money Money – Doing the Green Back Boogie with Denise Duffield-Thomas

It was such a pleasure to chat to the queen bee of conquering money blocks – Denise Duffield-Thomas. In this interview, we discuss money blocks and in particular stories and pricing challenges for wellness entrepreneurs and how you can overcome them.


Your Ultimate Guide to Marketing in Facebook Groups

This post was first published on Bluewire Media read it HERE

So you may have noticed lately that Facebook Groups have become extremely popular, particular amongst entrepreneurs.

Four months ago I had been in maybe four Facebook groups and they were all related to private interests (ie. Connecting your child’s school parents to discuss the fete) or online courses I had purchased – Facebook Groups are the community forum of choice now for connecting participants in an online program.