074 – Why you? Why now? (Solo)

Warning Empire Builders, shiz gonna get REAL today. I don’t know what happened but over the long weekend in January I took a walk on the beach and I don’t know about you, but the beach makes me so much more grounded and connected to the woo woo, vulnerable side of me.


So… what i wanted to do was share a bit of the story of why I started podcasting. I share this story a lot, but I share the edited version, and I wanted to give you the real behind the scenes look at my failings, flaws and fears.


I mean I’ve talked on the podcast before – particularly episode 37 – about what I’ve learned from podcasting but that’s the business stuff. And you know I love the business stuff.


If you love the business stuff, you should also check out my interview with Ronsley Vaz, founder of We Are Podcast in episode 57 about podcasting, and episode 61 where i share a whole lot of awesome content creation tips from We Are Podcast 2016.


But this episode is NOT one of those.


Because I’m on the beach it’s also a little bit windy at times, but I’ve listened back and the audio is not atrocious, so bear with me.


For now, let’s answer the questions WHY YOU? WHY NOW?