069 – Part 2 Should I Podcast? with Anna Chisholm (SISAP) (Summer Series)

This is for you if you’re interested in HOW entrepreneurs can grow their business with podcasting. It’s for you if you’re thinking about podcasting and you want inspiration to get started. And it’s for you if you’re ALREADY podcasting because you’ll get inspiration, ideas and advice you can apply in your podcast right now that will pay off forever.
But this isn’t just me preaching to you about podcasting. It isn’t me bringing on experts to tell you how fabulous podcasting is.
In this series, you will meet an entrepreneur who is just like you. Anna Chirsholm is a health coach and one of my PodWell clients. She’s a Mum, a passionate plant based foodie, a fitness fanatic and  NOW A PODCASTER who is behind the show Big Impact.